1. One Call Away- Emily Goodwin
    2. Battle Scars- Emily Goodwin
    3. Bad Things- Emily Goodwin
    4. Twice Burned- Emily Goodwin
    5. Hot Mess- Emily Goodwin
    6. Only Love- Melanie Harlow
    7. The Ex Effect- Karla Sorensen
    8. Smut- Karina Halle
    9. Side Hustle- Emily Goodwin
    10. Next in Line- Amy Daws
    11. All the Little Lights- Jamie McGuire
    12. Heat Wave- Karina Halle
    13. Roomies- Christina Lauren
    14. Dr. Strange Beard- Penny Reid
    15. Beard in Mind- Penny Reid
    16. Beard Science- Penny Reid
    17. Grin and Beard It- Penny Reid
    18. End Game- Emily Goodwin
    19. Cheat Codes- Emily Goodwin
    20. Love, In Spanish- Karina Halle
    21. Love, In English- Karina Halle
    22. The Wrong Game- Kandi Steiner
    23. Where Sea Meets Sky- Karina Halle
    24. Fight or Flight- Samantha Young
    25. Crave- Adriana Locke
    26. Marriage of Inconvenience- Penny Reid
    27. Dating-ish- Penny Reid
    28. Ninja at First Sight- Penny Reid
    29. Happily Ever Ninja- Penny Reid
    30. Player- Staci Hart
    31. Truth or Beard- Penny Reid
    32. The Earl of London- Louise Bay
    33.  The British Knight- Louise Bay
    34.  Duke of Manhattan- Louise Bay
    35. Park Avenue Prince- Louise Bay
    36.  King of Wall Street- Louise Bay
    1. A Nordic King- Karina Halle
    1. Strength- Amy Daws
    1. Not The One- Amy Daws
    1. London Bound- Amy Daws
    1. A Broken Us- Amy Daws
    1. Becoming Us- Amy Daws
    1. A Place In the Sun- R.S. Grey
    1. The Summer Games- Out of Bounds- R.S. Grey
    1. The Summer Games- Settling the Score- R.S. Grey
    1. Behind This Lens- R.S. Grey
    1. Arrogant Devil- R.S. Grey
    1. Beauty and Mustache- Penny Reid
    1. Love Hacked- Penny Reid
    1. Friends Without Benefits- Penny Reid
    1. Neanderthal Marries Human- Penny Reid
    1. Scoring Wilder- R.S. Grey
    1. The Design- R.S. Grey
    1. The Duet- R.S. Grey
    1. The Foxe and the Hound- R.S. Grey
    1. Anything You Can Do-R.S. Grey
    1. The Beau and the Belle- R.S. Grey
    1. Chasing Spring- R.S. Grey
    1. The Right Side of Forever- Meghan Quinn
    1. The Left Side of Perfect- Meghan Quinn
    1. The Fortunate Ones- R.S. Grey
    1. With This Heart- R.S. Grey
    1. Not So Nice Guy- R.S. Grey
    1. Hold You Close- Melanie Harlow
    1. Three and Out- Meghan Quinn
    1. Double Coverage- Meghan Quinn
    1. Fair Catch- Meghan Quinn
    1. Neanderthal Seeks Human- Penny Reid
    1. Stroked Hard- Meghan Quinn
    1. Stroked Long- Meghan Quinn
    1. Stroked- Meghan Quinn
    1. The Randy Romance Novelist- Meghan Quinn
    1. The Virgin Romance Novelist- Meghan Quinn
    1. As Dust Dances- Samantha Young
    1. Legacy- Kandi Steiner
    1. Pledge- Kandi Steiner
    1. Anchor- Kandi Steiner
    1. Rush- Kandi Steiner
    1. Darkness Before Dawn- Claire Contreras
    1. There is no Light In Darkness- Claire Contreras
    1. The Mother Road- Meghan Quinn
    1. Double Score- K.L. Grayson
    1. The Other Brother- Meghan Quinn
    1. Twisted Twosome- Meghan Quinn
    1. My Best Friend’s Ex- Meghan Quinn
    1. Co-Wrecker- Meghan Quinn
    1. Back In the Game- Meghan Quinn
    1. One Baby Daddy- Meghan Quinn
    1. Two Wedding Crashers- Meghan Quinn
    1. Dominate- Amy Daws
    1. Surrender- Amy Daws
    1. Three Blind Dates- Meghan Quinn
    1. A Lover’s Lament- K.L. Grayson
    1. Because You’re Mine- Claire Contreras
    1. Live Without Regret- K.L. Grayson
    1. Pretty Pink Ribbons- K.L. Grayson
    1. On Solid Ground- K.L. Grayson
    1. Where We Belong- K.L. Grayson
    1. The Truth About Lennon- K.L. Grayson
    1. The Downside of Love- Meghan Quinn
    1. The Upside of Falling- Meghan Quinn
    1. Happily Ever Habits- Staci Hart
    1. The Importance of Getting Revenge- Amanda Abram
    1. Elastic Hearts- Claire Contreras
    1. Paper Hearts- Claire Contreras
    1. Torn Hearts- Claire Contreras
    1. Kaleidoscope Hearts- Claire Contreras
    1. Crazy Hot Love- K.L. Grayson
    1. Crazy Sexy Love- K.L. Grayson
    1. Crazy Stupid Love- K.L. Grayson
    1. The Wilde One- Claire Contreras
    1. The Player- Claire Contreras
    1. Then There Was You- Claire Contreras
    1. My Way Back To You- Claire Contreras
    1. Wait With Me- Amy Daws
    1. Challenge Accepted- Amanda Abram
    1. Written In the Scars- Adriana Locke
    1. The Ruthless Gentleman- Louise Bay
    1. Cry Baby- Ginger Scott
    1. Going Long by Ginger Scott
    1. Waiting on the Sidelines by Ginger Scott
    1. The Bombsell Effect by Karla Sorenson
    1. Keeper (Harris Brothers Book 3) by Amy Daws
    1. Endurance (Harris Brothers Book 2) by Amy Daws
    1. Challenge (Harris Brothers Book 1) by Amy Daws
    1. The First Taste: (Slip of the Tongue Book 2) by Jessica Hawkins
    1. Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins
    1. Cocktales
    1. Only Him- Melanie Harlow
    1. On the Way To You- Kandi Steiner
    1. Lucky Number Eleven- Adriana Locke
    1. Cross by Adriana Locke
    1. What He Always Knew (What He Doesn’t Know Duet Book 2) by Kandi Steiner
    1. What He Doesn’t Know (What He Doesn’t Know Duet Book 1) by Kandi Steiner
    1. Piece of Work- Staci Hart
    1. The Wild Heir: A Royal Standalone Romance by Karina Halle
    1. Villian- Samantha Young
    1. Hero- Samantha Young
    1. On Hart’s Boardwalk- Samantha Young
    1. One King’s Way- Samantha Young
    1. Moonlight on Nightingale Way- Samantha Young
    1. Valentine-Samantha Young
    1. Echoes of Scotland Street-Samantha Young
    1. Fall From India Place-Samantha Young
    1. Castle Hill-Samantha Young
    1. Before Jamaica Lane-Samantha Young
    1. Down London Road-Samantha Young
    1. Until Fountain Bridge-Samantha Young
    1. On Dublin Street- Samantha Young
    1. Cracked Kingdom- Erin Watt
    1. Fallen Heir- Erin Watt
    1. On the Way to Wedding- Julia Quinn
    1. It’s In His Kiss- Julia Quinn
    1. When He Was Wicked- Julia Quinn
    1. To Sir Phillip With Love- Julia Quinn
    1. Romancing Mister Bridgerton- Julia Quinn
    1. An Offer From a Gentleman- Julia Quinn
    1. The Viscount Who Loved Me- Julia Quinn
    1. The Duke and I- Julia Quinn
    1. Living Out Loud- Staci Hart
    1. A Little Too Late- Staci Hart
    1. Bad Penny- Staci Hart
    1. A Thousand Letters- Staci Hart
    1. Tonic – Staci Hart
    1. Wasted Words- Staci Hart
    1. Last Call- Staci Hart
    1. Chaser- Staci Hart
    1. With A Twist- Staci Hart
    1. The Perception by Adriana Locke
    1. The Connection by Adriana Locke
  1. The Exception by Adriana Lock
  2. Love & Luck- Jenna Evans Welch
  3. One Small Thing- Erin Watt
  4. Lies You Never Told Me- Jennifer Donaldson
  5. The Fragile Ordinary- Samantha Young
  6. Give Me Your Hand- Meghan Abbot
  7. Neverworld Wake- Marisha Pessl
  8. I am Thinking Of Ending Things- Iain Reid
  9. Listen to Your Heart- Kasie West
  10. The Last Mrs Parrish
  11. Sacrifice-Adriana Locke
  12. Wherever Leads- Adriana Locke
  13. Swink- Adriana Locke
  14. Swear- Adriana Locke
  15. Switch- Adriana Locke
  16. Swing- Adriana Locke
  17. Sway- Adriana Locke
  18. Craft- Adriana Locke
  19. Crank- Adriana Locke
  20. Hot Shot- Karina Halle
  21. Maverick- Karina Halle
  22. Wild Card- Karina Halle
  23. Piece of Work- Staci Hart
  24. After All- Karina Halle
  25. Before I Ever Met You- Karina Halle
  26. On a Tuesday- Whitney G
  27. My Enemy Next Door- Whitney G
  28. Indigo Nights- Louise Bay
  29. Promised Nights- Louise Bay
  30. Parisian Nights- Louise Bay
  31. Bad at Love- Karina Halle
  32. Love Unexpected- Louise Bay
  33. Hopeful- Louise Bay
  34. Hooked- Karla Sorensen
  35. Tristan- Karla Sorensen
  36. Michael- Karla Sorensen
  37. Cole- Karla Sorensen
  38. Garrett- Karla Sorensen
  39. Dylan- Karla Sorensen
  40. Memphis- Ginger Scott
  41. Tell Them Lies- Karla Sorensen
  42. Light Me Up- Karla Sorensen
  43. By Your Side- Karla Sorensen
  44. Managed- Kristen Callihan
  45. Idol- Kristen Calliha
  46. Only You- Melanie Harlow
  47. Don’t Let Go- Harlan Coben
  48. On the Fence- Kasie West
  49. PS I Like You- Kasie West
  50. The Hard Count- Ginger Scott
  51. New Year in Manhattan- Louise Bay
  52. Autumn In London- Louise Bay
  53. A Week In New York- Louise Bay
  54. Park Avenue Prince- Louise Bay
  55. Duke of Manhattan- Louise Bay
  56. King of Wall Street- Louise Bay
  57. The British Knight- Louise Bay
  58. Love, Life, and the List- Kasie West
  59. The Fill In Boyfriend- Kasie West
  60. Hold My Breath- Ginger Scott
  61. Frenched The Wedding Night- Melanie Harlow
  62. Floored- Melanie Harlow
  63. Forked- Melanie Harlow
  64. Yanked- Melanie Harlow
  65. Frenched- Melanie Harlow
  66. Speak Low- Melanie Harlow
  67. Speak Easy- Melanie Harlow
  68. The Sound of Secrets- Whitney Barbetti
  69. The Weight of Life- Whitney Barbetti
  70. Blindless- Ginger Scott-
  71. Lucky In Love- Kasie West
  72. Wicked Restless- Ginger Scott
  73. Wild Restless- Ginger Scott
  74. The Wife Between Us- Green Hendricks
  75. Man Candy- Melanie Harlow
  76. From This Moment- Melanie Harlow
  77. If You Were Mine- Melanie Harlow
  78. After We Fall- Melanie Harlow
  79. How We Deal With Gravity- Ginger Scott
  80. In Your Dreams- Ginger Scott
  81. The Girl I Was Before- Ginger Scott
  82. You and Everything After- Ginger Scott
  83. This is Falling- Ginger Scott
  84. By Your Side- Kasie West