Series I’m Loving:The Big Sky Series

Technically I believe this is two series according to Goodreads, but contains many overlapping characters existing in the same small town. There are currently 8 books or novellas in the series (written by Kristen Proby) but there is an exciting crossover event to come that will bring a new book by the author and 6 new novellas from guest authors that will take place in Cunningham Falls or include characters we’ve met before (more on this soon!).

I think there’s too many for me to talk about on a book by book basis, so I’ll just give my thoughts on the series in general.

I love the small but vibrant town that is adjacent to Glacier National park and a ski resort, so there is no shortage of activities for the characters to partake in. The descriptions are so good I feel like I’ve been to this place. Each couple is different, obviously, but in general the men are strong, reliable, and faithful, and the women are even stronger, sassy, and career oriented. There is is a bit of drama but not a lot of angst.

In general these are sweet stories about falling in love. There’s not a lot of will they-won’t they- you know for sure they will. They tend to fall in love early on in the books, the rest is hot sex and figuring out how to fit into each other’s lives.

The truth is they read to me like the harlequin romance novels I used to sneak from my mother when I was young, but updated for today’s audience. I really enjoyed reading each one. They are quick, fun reads that leave you feeling good about love.  

I can’t wait for the crossover series to see more of the town and its characters!

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