Laws of Physics Series: Penny Reid

Before reading, I was a bit confused about the nature of the series. It’s three short books that are not at all standalone that were released months apart. Why was it not released as one large book? Is it just a ploy to get readers to spend money on 3 books?

After reading …. uh, still not sure. I waited for all three to be released to dive in because I will lose interest if there is a cliffhanger and I have to wait a month for the next chapter. Despite my confusion over the format, I still found them highly enjoyable. There’s something frenetic about the style of writing that made them impossible to put down.

Motion, Space, and Time all tell the story of Mona and Abram. The series begins with Mona returning home to help her estranged sister, Lisa, by pretending to be her while she is placed under parental mandated house arrest. She finds herself falling for her “warden,” Abram, who is her brother’s best friend. She can’t tell him the truth without risking alienating her sister further. Will Abram be able to forgive her when he untangles her web of lies to determine the woman he fell for was in fact Mona, not Lisa?

Abram was the perfect guy to the extent it wasn’t super believable. Like, he’s casually an actual rock star who speaks in poems and underwear models just because. Mona is book smart but not great at navigating human interactions. I enjoyed reading their evolution as a couple, especially Mona’s (since Abram was already perfect).

It was a funny, sweet, smart series that as much as I loved reading it, and the characters are still sticking with me days later, I’m still not convinced it shouldn’t have just been one book.

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