Cheap Trick- Emily Goodwin

ARC REVIEW: Danielle and Logan are best friends. Nothing can happen between them because Danielle has plans to move on, live up to the expectations her family has placed on her to finish grad school and marry rich and join all the country clubs. Logan knows Danielle would be his forever girl, so he can’t make a move when she has one foot out of the door. When Danielle’s sister’s wedding approaches, Danielle asks Logan to pretend to be her fiancee to prove to her family she’s doing okay. Will they be able to continue to pretend they don’t have feelings for each other when they are put to the test at the destination wedding?

I loved this book so much. Generally I read as escapism, I don’t see myself in the heroines or make parallels to my life, but I was struck by Danielle. The lessons she learns and her character development were so striking to me, and it’s genuinely a lesson we could take to heart. It’s okay to be fulfilled in the life we have instead of striving for the “ideal.” You don’t have to follow the path your family sets, because there is just one life and you need to live it on your terms. If you’re constantly trying to live up to someone else’s standards, you’re always going to be struggling and feeling like a disappointment. This hit me on such a personal level!

Logan was an absolute dreamboat of a man. I want to go on a sexy jungle romp through waterfalls with him! He was so patient, encouraging, sexy, and funny. We’ve met his family before in other books, but this was a complete standalone (but always more enjoyable to read as a series so be sure to check out all Emily’s books).

Their relationship was so great and I enjoyed watching the growth from friends to lovers. Their sparks were H-O-T even before they were actually together. I’ve enjoyed this whole series so far, but this is my fav-fav-favorite book (so far! I have hopes and dreams for Own). 5/5 thoroughly enjoyable stars.

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