Falling for the Playboy- S.L. Scott

(ARC REVIEW) Falling for the Playboy is the first book in S.L. Scott’s New Adult Playboy in Paradise trilogy. It introduces us to Mallory and Evan, who meet moments after Mallory lands in Hawaii to spend the summer with her friend. They were supposed to be a one night stand, but find themselves unable to stay away from each other. The book follows them through the ups and downs of a new relationship, with the deadline of Mallory returning home at the end of the summer on both of their minds.

Although there is plenty of drama and the angst that’s typical for your early twenties, it’s a pretty lighthearted, frothy beach story. It doesn’t delve very deeply into the characters pasts or motivations, although there are hints that that will be revealed eventually.  The characters are both pretty immature, but that could just be their age range. I look forward to seeing them grow and develop in future installments of the trilogy.

I felt this was a pretty big departure from the style I’m used to with S.L. Scott, but I still found it enjoyable. New Adult isn’t my favorite genre, but I think this is a pretty solid example of what it should be. If New Adult + angst is your jam, then you’ll probably love it. 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.


It’s good to be me.

Thanks to my last name, money is no object.

According to the ladies, I’m charming.

And if I do say so myself, which I do, I’m good looking.

So I’m used to getting my way in life. No one turns me down. Not ever. That is until Mallory Wray, a fresh off the plane, brunette beauty lands in Hawaii and does just that. I think I found my new favorite pastime—how to bed the gorgeous co-ed.


An escape.

I’ll call it what it is. But there are worse places to spend the next three months than in paradise. With a job secured by my best friend, I leave my cheating ex behind, trading Colorado coats for beach bikinis.

This is all about a fresh start, so no playboy is going to ruin my good time. That is until I decide to throw caution to the wind and fall right into Evan Ashford’s bed. Unlike him, I can’t separate my heart from my head, so I get out before I get hurt.


I thought I left my broken heart on the mainland, but now I’m starting to wonder if Evan can heal it again. Here goes everything . . .

The Playboy in Paradise Trilogy is the perfect Beach Read. Told in DUAL POV, this Emotional, Contemporary, New Adult Romance will sweep you off your feet.




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