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You Can Have Manhattan is another book that’s been on my TBR from a long time and I’m so glad I finally read it. I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining marriage of convenience romance!

Sydney and Scott are coerced into marrying by Scott’s father, who is also Sydney’s boss and mentor, in order to keep his company in family hands. The two are polar opposites – straightlaced Sydney is married to her career with no friends or family, while Scott is a former party animal playboy trust fund kid who has escaped his family’s legacy and moved to Wyoming to run a cattle ranch.

The two had a run in years before that resulted in Syndey kneeing Scott in the nuts, so neither are too keen on the marriage idea but both are willing to do anything for Scott’s dad. They fight, spar, and prank once forced into cohabitation, but the spark between them is impossible to resist and they eventually give in. 

It was a fast moving story with lots of banter and emotion. I loved the setting and side characters and honestly would enjoy stories for a few of them. The story flowed quickly but in a good way, I never felt bored or like anything was missing. 

While the third act conflict was a little dramatic for me, I still very much enjoyed the book overall and definitely recommend it if you’re looking for an entertaining enemies to lovers marriage of convenience romance!

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