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Kyland by Mia Sheridan re-released yesterday through Bloom! This was a beautifully written, at times bleak, new adult romance set in an Appalachian coal mining town. It’s a story of sacrifice, hope, and true love overcoming all.

Tenleigh and Kyland are both in the running for a college scholarship that could help one of them leave their small town behind. Both have been raised in abject poverty, with food insecurity, housing insecurity, and no real support from their families. They are both desperate to leave, so neither of them needs an entanglement with the competition, but they are drawn to each other nonetheless.

I think the book does a really good job of exploring a desperate situation while still maintaining a feeling of hope. The romance was so sweet and I was really rooting for them.

Their situation made my tummy hurt and I can’t say I didn’t see the majority of the plot coming from a mile away, but I was still interested to see how it would all unfold! Overall a great read.

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