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I’ve loved every book in this series and this is no exception (They can totally be read alone though! But you should read them all). I love that it’s a mature series- by that I don’t necessarily mean their ages though it is nice to read a series about people my age (early-mid 30s) but that they experience real adult issues and handle them with mature consideration. There’s no excess of drama for drama’s sake- just emotional, realistic reactions with well rounded characters.

The sparks between Eva and Ford are immediate, which makes sense since they dated through college, and don’t fade throughout the book. It’s steamy steamy steamy, even (especially) via text. The choices Eva faces are very real, and something most women have to consider, at least in part, during their life. 5/5 stars


He was the bad boy I fell for in college. Now he’s a sexy single dad and Charleston’s most successful venture capitalist. Dominant and decisive, Ford Montgomery is used to getting what he wants. And he just set his sights on me…

Southern Heartbreaker, an all-new standalone contemporary romance in the Charleston Heat series by Jessica Peterson, is LIVE!

Ford Montgomery was my first everything.

First love. 

First guy I slept with.

First heartbreak when he dumped me without explanation.

A decade later, it’s just my luck he’s the first guy I run into after moving back to my hometown of Charleston. Three piece suit, tie, and a watch worth more than my car–being a mogul looks good on Ford. So does being a doting dad to his adorable four-year-old daughter. 

I tell myself I can resist him. But one impulsive, ill-advised kiss later, and Ford is in hot pursuit. He’s determined to make up for his past mistakes, and convinces me to give him a second chance.

What started out as fun between the sheets gets really serious, really fast. Problem is, I swore I’d never give up the dreams I worked so hard for to settle down and do the family thing. 

But seeing Ford light up around his daughter–seeing how he’s chasing his ambitions while rocking fatherhood–is making me rethink what I want out of life.

It doesn’t help that behind his corporate veneer is the bad boy I fell in love with. And bad boys aren’t afraid to play dirty…or break hearts.

Southern Heartbreaker is part of the Charleston Heat Series, which is a series of interconnected standalone novels set in the steamy southern town of Charleston, South Carolina.

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Jessica Peterson writes smart, sexy romance set in her favorite cities around the world. She grew up on a steady diet of Mr. Darcy, Jamie Frasier, and Edward Cullen, and it wasn’t long before she started creating irresistible heroes of her own. She loves strong coffee, stronger heroines, and heroes with hot accents.

She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband Ben and her smelly Goldendoodle Martha Bean.

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Southern Gentleman- Jessica Peterson (Review)

Southern Gentleman is the 3rd book in Jessica Peterson’s Charleston Heat series, though it can absolutely be read as a standalone. Julia and Greyson don’t see eye to eye on anything other than their desire for each other. After several hot romps in the back of Grey’s SUV, Julia winds up pregnant. Can they overcome their differences to start a family together?

I’ve loved every book in this series so far, and this is my favorite yet. The heat between the two is intense. I love the imperfect journey they go on to grow and change into a relationship that works for both of them. I love that both characters are flawed, but they grow to love each other anyway and word hard towards preserving their relationship and building a life for their baby (all while retaining their fiery spark). It was fun to see characters from the previous books and meet the characters that will (I assume) be the focus of the upcoming fourth book. 5/5 Stars


I know two things when I meet my new boss, Greyson Parker Montgomery III. 
One, he’s an egomaniac. And two, we’re going to get naked. 
Something I didn’t know? That I’d end up pregnant.

No one is more surprised by our off-the-charts chemistry than me. I’m a free spirit with a passion for design and a taste for the bohemian. Greyson is a cocky venture capitalist who’s as pretentious as his sharply cut power suits. 

He owns half of Charleston, and has the other half at his beck and call. But the only place he owns me is in bed…or in the backseat of his car, boneless and begging for mercy. 

We argue over contracts and costs all day long. Behind closed doors, however, we engage in a different kind of business. The kind that has me surrendering to his unique brand of dominance. 

Our no-strings attached arrangement suits me just fine. Until I wake up one morning with what I think is a wicked hangover. 

Only it’s not a hangover.

I thought Greyson was a typical “greed is good” grump. But when he demands to be involved in the life we accidentally created, I start to see a different side of him. One that’s more gentleman than jerk.Am I crazy to think we could be a family together? Or is making me fall for him just another one of his power plays?