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(ARC Review) All Allie Harris wants is a little payback on her cheating ex-boyfriend.  Find a hot stranger, do a little striptease on camera, send to the ex to prove she’s moved on. At least that was the plan, until things progressed much further than just a striptease, and Allie found herself connecting with Roan in ways she didn’t expect. Despite living a world apart, she decides not to share the sexy video with her ex.  Two years later, they are brought together again and neither has forgotten the night they shared. Roan is eager to start over with her- but what will happen if/when Roan finds out about the sex tape recorded without his consent?

Returning to the world of the Harris Brothers (if you have not checked out Amy Daws’ Harris Brothers series – GO DO IT) felt like being wrapped in a hug- comforting and familiar. It revisits all our old favorites, even including a good old fashioned Harris Brothers Shakedown. The sparks between Allie and Roan are explosive from the beginning, and grow more intense throughout the book. I really enjoyed Roan’s backstory and meeting his family, their history was something I only have vague knowledge of so I always enjoy learning new things.

The moral conundrum over the existence of the tape is an interesting one. I could never quite shake the feeling of ickiness that Allie recorded Roan without his consent, but I do think her character development was very good and she did try to fix the mistake.  Overall I really enjoyed it. 4/5 stars

Official Blurb:

Her cheating ex deserves to see her living her best life; a one-night-stand with a hot South African soccer player would be the perfect revenge. Right?

Wrong. Allie is so, so wrong.

On and off the field he’s at the top of his game. Roan respects hard-work, dedication—and follow through. He’s not a one and done kind of man, and he’s far from being done with Allie Harris.

One sexy night and two years later, Allie’s job brings her back to town. An opportunity for the perfect replay Roan has been fantasizing about since they slept together.

Allie Harris has a secret; one she’s been keeping from Roan all this time. Video proof of their one night together—taken without his consent.

Will Allie’s payback plan come back to bite them both? Or can she erase her past mistake and embrace a new future with Roan?

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