Series I’m Loving: Miles Family

The Miles Family series brings us the story of four siblings living and working at their vineyard. Written by Claire Kingsley, this is a fun, sexy series with a lot of heart. My only complaint? I found the series before the fourth book was released, and now I can’t wait for Leo’s story! He’s the most intriguing of all the siblings and I’m counting down until it releases in March.

The series starts off with Broken Miles, about the eldest Miles sibling, Roland, and his return the family’s vineyard in the Cascade Mountains. He’s spend the last four years working hard in San Francisco, proving to himself he doesn’t need his family or their expectations about him working at the family business. After receiving an emergency call from the sibling he trusts the most, he returns home to try to clean up the mess his deadbeat father created of the vineyard’s finances. He finds himself getting closer to his ex-wife, who is also employed at the vineyard. If you love second chance romances, this is a hot one for you- Roland and Zoe have serious sparks.

Next up we have Forbidden Miles, about the baby (and only girl) of the family, Brynn, as she falls in love with her brother’s best friend. This is a sweet romance novel with minimal angst but plenty of heat. If you love forbidden romance, this ones for you.

Most recently, we have Reckless Miles, about the family goofball, Cooper. Cooper is always up for a good time, moving from woman to woman, until he meets Amelia at a bar, still in her wedding dress after being left at the altar. After spending a steamy night together, he suggests they spend the next couple weeks together, since she would have been away on her honeymoon. This is a perfect romantic comedy!

Now bring on Hidden Miles, Leo’s story, releasing March 2019. I can’t wait!

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