Discretion- Karina Halle

I love Karina Halle books. I love that she can take you on a journey literally across the world, from New Zealand to LA to Ireland and on and on and you feel like you are there, falling in love with a football player in Madrid or a firefighter in Northern Canada. 

Discretion definitely takes you for a ride through the elite world of a French fashion-house family. It was fun to read about the extravagant hotels, cars, and parties. The heat between Sadie and Olivier is intense, and I liked Olivier’s family (not extended family, obviously). 

I did have a minor hang ups- I didn’t understand why Olivier fell so quickly for Sadie, it didn’t feel realistic. It was BAM instant love.

But hey, this is a romance novel in the vein of 80s and 90s soap operas, so who’s looking for realism?  If you want a soapy, dramatic, glamorous ride through the French Riviera and Paris, this is a fun summery book for you. It doesn’t scratch any of the characters surfaces too deeply, but hopefully we’ll get to know them better as the series goes on. 4/5 stars

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