Crazy- Adriana Locke: Now Live!

Crazy by Adriana Locke is now live! I can’t wait to read the fifth book in the Gibson Boys series. If you’ve read the first four, you’re definitely excited for Peck’s book as well!


Love is crazy. 

Peck Ward, the sweet, small-town mechanic, isn’t sure it’s for everyone. Least of all him. His life is chaotic enough without adding the pressure of a relationship. Besides, unrequited love is a real thing and he’s kind of over it. 

This works out perfectly until a certain someone throws a wrench—pun intended—into his plans. As they go from adversaries to friends to possibly something more, things get complicated. After all, they know how this story ends. It’s not with them together. 

His easy grin is enough to win her over. Her unabashed personality does him in. But are they ready to accept the fact that sometimes you don’t find love where you’re looking for it? Sometimes you find it in the most unexpected, craziest places.

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Discretion- Karina Halle

I love Karina Halle books. I love that she can take you on a journey literally across the world, from New Zealand to LA to Ireland and on and on and you feel like you are there, falling in love with a football player in Madrid or a firefighter in Northern Canada. 

Discretion definitely takes you for a ride through the elite world of a French fashion-house family. It was fun to read about the extravagant hotels, cars, and parties. The heat between Sadie and Olivier is intense, and I liked Olivier’s family (not extended family, obviously). 

I did have a minor hang ups- I didn’t understand why Olivier fell so quickly for Sadie, it didn’t feel realistic. It was BAM instant love.

But hey, this is a romance novel in the vein of 80s and 90s soap operas, so who’s looking for realism?  If you want a soapy, dramatic, glamorous ride through the French Riviera and Paris, this is a fun summery book for you. It doesn’t scratch any of the characters surfaces too deeply, but hopefully we’ll get to know them better as the series goes on. 4/5 stars

Series I Loved: The Crow Brothers

I used my time wisely over this past long weekend and binge read The Crow Brothers series by S.L. Scott.  This is a steamy four book series that can be read as standalone, but really, why would you? The entire four book set is available as a boxed set on Kindle Unlimited so it only counts as one check out.  These brothers (and Dave) rock hard and love even harder. I loved the course the series took, starting from playing local bars in Austin to superstardom, all while balancing love and family. Each has an entirely separate plot line so it doesn’t feel like one super long book. The books have characters from S.L. Scott’s Hard to Resist series, which I have not read (yet) but it’s always fun to revisit beloved characters if you have.

Starting with Spark, we get to know the oldest Crow Brother, Jet.  Jet’s always felt responsible for his family, and that’s no different when a former one night stands shows up to tell him he has a six year old son he never knew about.  Hannah is seeking custody of her cousin’s son, and has been lead to believe Jet had no interest in the child. Jet is not the kind of guy who would ignore his responsibilities- or the one night stand he never got over.  Can Jet and Hannah overcome their troubled pasts to become a family? This is a sweet story about how families can be chosen, instead of born.

Next up with Tulsa, the youngest Crow Brother finds that love happens when you least expect it.  Tulsa is happy spending the night with a different girl in each city. He’s young, handsome, and enjoying his rise to fame alongside his brothers on their first major tour opening for a legendary rock band.  He finds himself immediately attracted to the lead singer of a fellow opening act band, Nikki. Nikki does not put up with his shit, which I appreciated. They find themselves growing closer together as the tour progresses, despite constant warnings to not ruin the tour. Will they overcome their initial impressions of each other, and the opinions of their fellow tour mates?

Third comes Rivers, the middle Crow Brother’s second chance romance. Rivers has loved Stella since he was 15 years old, but a misunderstanding broke them apart five years ago. He has tried to get over her, but after seeing his brothers fall in love he realizes he has had true love and nothing else will do. Can Rivers and Stella overcome their trouble pasts?  This one took kind of a turn from the first two, and had more action and drama instead of just romance. The thriller aspects felt mildly out of place when you’re binging the series, but if you’re reading it as a stand alone it probably reads just fine.

Finally, with Ridge, we learn more about the non-Crow in the The Crow Brothers Band, Dave. Dave is known as Ridge to his fans and fellow bandmates, but he’s more interested in the woman who knows him as Dave, his on and off fling Meadow.  He’d love much more than a fling, but Meadow needs to prove she can stand on her own before she’d be willing to combine their lives. Will she overcome her issues to realize that loving someone doesn’t mean she has to give up herself? There were times I wanted to shake some sense into Meadow, but she is only 22 and it’s reasonable not to want to settle down while you’re still in college, even if it is with the perfect man.  

Side Hustle- Emily Goodwin

ARC Review

Scarlet Cooper is used to lying, cheating, and stealing in order to support her family. When a new opportunity to make money presents itself, she agrees to nanny for a rich family with hopes of conning the husband. Instead, she finds she agreed to nanny for a single father who is running for sheriff. Left with no other option but to work for him anyway, she slowly finds herself falling for both Weston, and his cute son Jackson.

The chemistry between Scarlet and Weston was crackling from their first meeting, and I always appreciate a cute kid. It was enjoyable seeing characters from the first two books in the Dawson family series (Cheat Codes and End Games).  I liked seeing Scarlet’s growth and change throughout the book. My only issue is Weston was maybe a little too quick to forgive and accept, especially considering his career, but I guess morality is fluid and its not like Scarlet didn’t have reason for her “sins.”

Overall I found it very enjoyable. 4/5 stars

Official Synopsis:

When Scarlet Cooper takes a new job as a nanny, she assumes she’s going to work for the rich couple who hired her. But instead of pulling up to their million-dollar estate, she finds herself on the front porch of a humble farmhouse, looking into the eyes of dark and brooding single dad, Weston Dawson.

It’s bad enough that Weston doesn’t have a fortune to charm out of him, but he’s also a cop.  After marrying his high school sweetheart only to have her up and leave weeks after their baby was born, Weston has sworn off women for life. All that matters now is taking care of his son, Jackson.

If anyone can break down the tough exterior of the former soldier, it’s Scarlet. But just when she’s close to getting exactly what she wants, she’s faced with a whole new challenge, which just might be the biggest con she’s ever pulled: pretending she doesn’t love him.

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The Royals Collection- Louise Bay

Every book in the Royals Collection by Louise Bay can be read as a standalone, with no confusion or missing information at all. However, it personally drives me crazy to read any books that are even slightly related out of order. I don’t want to find out a couple has ended up together in another book before reading their story, even if it has no weight or bearing on the story I am reading. That being said, since these are not listed as a series on Goodreads since they are standalones, I read the fourth book in the series first and still managed to enjoy them all, even with the chaos (this is chaos for me) of reading them in a willy-nilly order.  I just found out a fifth book in the series so to make sure I had my head on straight I re-read the first four books to prepare myself.

King Of Wall Street-  Max King, King of Wall Street and oldest sibling in the King family, keeps his work and personal lives separate, until Harper Jayne joins his firm and suddenly he can’t help mixing business and pleasure.

I liked this book a lot and was certainly willing to read the rest after reading this one. Although the sex was hot, there was just something about Max that I didn’t fall in love with. I didn’t hate him he just wasn’t one of my book boyfriends. Harper also bugged me when she totally overreacts due to her daddy issues.  I get it, we all have flaws and so should our characters, but something about these two that just didn’t quite click for me. That didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the book, I still liked it quite a bit. I always enjoy a forbidden office romance and the fact that Max was a single daddy.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this. 4/5 Stars

Park Avenue Prince- Self made billionaire Sam Shaw spends his life with walls built around him, never letting any one new in. Old money Park Avenue princess Grace Astor wants a different life than what she grew up with and is determined to make it on her own. When she finds herself running into Sam, she realizes he may be the only one who can help her save her fledgling business, and Sam soon realizes Grace may the only one who can break down his walls.

This is my favorite of the series. There is something about a broken but loving and willing to try man (especially a rich one!) that really gets to me. His haunted past held him back previously from trying anything serious with a woman but the way he is drawn to Grace and the things he does to romance her are seriously hot. There is a ton of humor and redemption in this book. 5/5 Stars

Duke of Manhattan– When Ryder Westbury realizes he is at the brink of losing everything important to him and his family due to an old rule in his family’s trust, he realizes that Scarlett King might be the only woman who can help them. Scarlett King is about to lose the business she has spent the last two years after a devastating divorce, and Ryder offers her the money to save her business. The only catch? She’ll have to marry him and become the Duchess of Fairfax.

I love anything to do with England and the British aristocracy so this book was right up my alley.  The book goes back and forth between New York and England which are two of my favorite places in the world so I’m always happy when stories feature them. The chemistry between the two characters is strong and I loved Ryder’s family in England. This is definitely a light fun read. 4.5/5 Stars

The British Knight – Violet King was feeling lost in the world and unsure what do with her life. When her sister’s sister-in-law offers up her London townhouse,  she decides to give it a go and ends up with a job at a handsome, frustrating boss. Alex Knightley has always been determined to be the best at his job, just like his father was before him.  Nothing comes before his career- until he meets Violet King.

This one fell somewhere in the middle for me.  I love London, and there are some hot scenes, but the whole thing sort of fell a part for me when Violet overreacted to being let down- once. Instead of giving him a second chance she just overreacts and runs and I found myself annoyed with the whole thing. I still enjoyed the book but Violet is not my favorite character. 3.5/5 Stars 

The Earl of London– Darcy Westbury wants to find love, just as long as it doesn’t interfere with running her estate, helping her village, and keeping up with her family’s traditions. Logan Steele has something to prove after his father ruins his family’s legacy. After buying back his Grandmother’s estate, he needs to build something new. The two new neighbors find themselves butting heads over Logan’s proposed development, and they have to work together to find common ground.

I liked this one because there was actual conflict on each side that was believable and understandable.  The attraction between the characters was evident throughout.  There is plenty of humor, romance, and angst and the plot line remains interesting. I did struggle a bit to like Logan. I like a reformed playboy, reluctant to fall in love type hero but honestly he was just an ass about it and the way he spoke or internalized about women and his mighty sexual prowess was just gross to me. I can see how some people might like this overly confidant pompous type of guy but it does not work for me. I don’t mind dominant but not in this case.  I still enjoyed the book as a whole but Logan’s attitude definitely took me out of it.  However I did like Darcy quite a bit so it raised the overall level of enjoyment for me. 3.5/5 stars  

Overall Ranking 

  1. Park Avenue Prince – 5/5
  2.  Duke of Manhattan – 4.5/5
  3. King of Wall Street – 4/5
  4. The British Knight- 3.5/5
  5. The Earl of London- 3.5/5