Series I Loved: The Crow Brothers

I used my time wisely over this past long weekend and binge read The Crow Brothers series by S.L. Scott.  This is a steamy four book series that can be read as standalone, but really, why would you? The entire four book set is available as a boxed set on Kindle Unlimited so it only counts as one check out.  These brothers (and Dave) rock hard and love even harder. I loved the course the series took, starting from playing local bars in Austin to superstardom, all while balancing love and family. Each has an entirely separate plot line so it doesn’t feel like one super long book. The books have characters from S.L. Scott’s Hard to Resist series, which I have not read (yet) but it’s always fun to revisit beloved characters if you have.

Starting with Spark, we get to know the oldest Crow Brother, Jet.  Jet’s always felt responsible for his family, and that’s no different when a former one night stands shows up to tell him he has a six year old son he never knew about.  Hannah is seeking custody of her cousin’s son, and has been lead to believe Jet had no interest in the child. Jet is not the kind of guy who would ignore his responsibilities- or the one night stand he never got over.  Can Jet and Hannah overcome their troubled pasts to become a family? This is a sweet story about how families can be chosen, instead of born.

Next up with Tulsa, the youngest Crow Brother finds that love happens when you least expect it.  Tulsa is happy spending the night with a different girl in each city. He’s young, handsome, and enjoying his rise to fame alongside his brothers on their first major tour opening for a legendary rock band.  He finds himself immediately attracted to the lead singer of a fellow opening act band, Nikki. Nikki does not put up with his shit, which I appreciated. They find themselves growing closer together as the tour progresses, despite constant warnings to not ruin the tour. Will they overcome their initial impressions of each other, and the opinions of their fellow tour mates?

Third comes Rivers, the middle Crow Brother’s second chance romance. Rivers has loved Stella since he was 15 years old, but a misunderstanding broke them apart five years ago. He has tried to get over her, but after seeing his brothers fall in love he realizes he has had true love and nothing else will do. Can Rivers and Stella overcome their trouble pasts?  This one took kind of a turn from the first two, and had more action and drama instead of just romance. The thriller aspects felt mildly out of place when you’re binging the series, but if you’re reading it as a stand alone it probably reads just fine.

Finally, with Ridge, we learn more about the non-Crow in the The Crow Brothers Band, Dave. Dave is known as Ridge to his fans and fellow bandmates, but he’s more interested in the woman who knows him as Dave, his on and off fling Meadow.  He’d love much more than a fling, but Meadow needs to prove she can stand on her own before she’d be willing to combine their lives. Will she overcome her issues to realize that loving someone doesn’t mean she has to give up herself? There were times I wanted to shake some sense into Meadow, but she is only 22 and it’s reasonable not to want to settle down while you’re still in college, even if it is with the perfect man.