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It seems like January rolls around and after all the togetherness of the holidays, I’m tired of humans. Last year I went on an epic Ice Planet Barbarians binge, but this January Lily Mayne’s Monstrous series had me in an absolute chokehold. 

It’s a post-apocalyptic m/m monster-human romance series, taking place twenty years after a rift opens and monsters from another world come strolling through. Things have somewhat settled, humans who are not in the military are either A. crammed into coastal cities monitored by the government, or B. in the “Wastes,” what’s left of the central US, left to their own marauding devices or gathered in small camps.

The books each follow a new couple, mostly as they travel through the Wastes or in camp, and I really loved them all- though Moth is the obvious standout to me. My poor precious Moth is such a broody broken sad boy, he really just needs a little love and a lot of hugs but because of his … uh, differences he’s developed a spiky personality, pushing everyone away (before they can push him away, you see).

However, all the characters are interesting, the steam in each was A+ level, tender, and very very (very) hot, and I loved the world building and how the plot progressed across the first six books of the series. It’s also a lot of fun to discover what kind of unique peen each type of monster has (gotta catch ‘em all). 

I will be honest – I loved the first six so very much and didn’t love the recently released 7th one. So while that was a bummer to me personally, I’m not going to dwell on it because I still love the series overall and am very excited for what the future will bring! 

Monstrous is available in KU for all your monster loving needs 

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