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Happy Tuesday! Jasper Vale is out today. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and thank you to the author for the gifted copy

Devney Perry’s books are such a comfort to me, no matter what series a new book always feels like coming home. This is Eloise and Jasper’s story which is, as we discovered in Garnet Flats, a drunken Vegas wedding story (which turns into a marriage of convenience, luckily for us.) It’s also the spiciest of the bunch so far, my goodness.

Eloise Eden is trying to prove to her family she’s responsible enough to take over the family’s hotel for good, so a drunken Vegas wedding won’t exactly scream responsibility to them. Jasper is in need of a date to his ex’s wedding, and what’s a better way to show to your ex you are over them than showing up with a new bride on your arm? The two strike an agreement to temporarily stay married and quickly start to fall for each other.

Jasper’s background was a little heartbreaking which drove his decision making in the present, and while I think some will struggle with him, I liked that he felt flawed and real. And though he did make mistakes, he was quick to own up to them. I loved how he believed in Eloise more than anyone else in her life and wasn’t afraid to be her cheerleader.

Eloise was definitely the sunshine to Jasper’s grump, wanting the best for everyone and not afraid to love with her whole heart. I did want to fight most of the Eden family during this for underestimating Eloise but they won me back over by the end. 

I love any type of “fake” relationship that turns real in a romance and Jasper and Eloise are no exception. Jasper learning to open up to his wife was great and I loved that he gave Eloise the confidence she was needing to stand up to her family, at least a little. 

Overall a great read!

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