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Happy Tuesday! Only You is out today and I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is book five in the Adair Family series, and brings us the story of the final Adair sibling, Brodan. He is a Hollywood star, the prodigal son returned home to his small Scottish village after becoming disillusioned with his glamorous actor life. He quickly runs into Monroe, his former childhood best friend with whom his friendship ended spectacularly twenty years ago..

Brodan still isn’t over the hurt of the past and lashes out at Monroe over and over again, and to be honest for the first half of the book I really kind of hated him. He was immature and cruel, but I was glad Monroe didn’t make it easy on him and just accept her fate. 

Monroe hasn’t had the best life and would rather be anywhere but their hometown. She’s forced to stay there due to her ailing mother and limited employment options, so  she doesn’t need the complication of her former best friend whom she was desperately in love with before their friendship blew up. 

Overall, I did enjoy being back in Ardnoch and seeing how the rest of the Adairs were getting along. The setting is stunning, and I love the tone of the series, even if I do struggle with some of the characters. The author is definitely talented at bringing out my emotions!

With this, the Adair Family saga has come to an end, though with the set up for the spinoff series I have to assume we still get to see them in the background of other stories. 

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