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Is there anything better than hilarious banter? For me, no. 

I’ve really enjoyed this series and this might be my favorite one yet! (Ok, maybe it’s still Blind Pass). I honestly can’t remember the last time I grabbed a book on its release day then sat down and actually read it the same day instead of letting it languish on my kindle for weeks to years before picking it up, but I was so excited for this one I read it all in one sitting that evening! Then ordered the paperback!

Greer is the goalie for the Carolina Comets, and while I didn’t love him in the previous book, I ended up loving him here because he was an absolute grump in the best possible way (but also kind of a momma’s boy.) Stevie is a single mom who gets along with everyone, except Greer, so I loved how he kept pushing her buttons and causing the sweet woman to snap. 

Their banter was amazing, I genuinely laughed out loud so many times. Greer also had a hilarious relationship with Stevie’s daughter, and I loved that he was kind of grumpy with her as well but she wasn’t having it. 

There’s plenty of steam, lots of cameos from the characters of books past, and I’m excited for more from this series! It’s really snuck up on me to become a favorite and I can’t wait for more.

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