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What a sweet ending to this series! I have thoroughly enjoyed this romcom series about a group of ladies brought together by their love of running and dirty martinis. 

This one is an opposites attract/neighbor/single dad romance between Nora, the last single member of the dirty martini running club. Though all her friends have recently fallen in love, Nora isn’t looking for that in her own life. She wouldn’t mind a fling with the hot tattooed single dad next door, though. Dex doesn’t need the complication of a fling, not while he’s raising his impressionable teenage daughter alone, but his attraction to Nora is too much to resist – however, he wants more than a fling.

Nora was a strong,confident, independent woman and I appreciated the way she stood up for what she believed in. I love when the heroine is the commitment-phobe! Dex is a dream – gruff, but with a heart of gold. He’d do anything for his daughter and there’s nothing hotter than that for me. He’s also not afraid to put himself out there and make a grand gesture (swoon.) The chemistry between them was fiery melt-your-kindle hot and I couldn’t tear my eyes away to see how they were going to work out their differences. 

I loved Nora and Dex together but even more I loved each of their relationships with Dex’s daughter Riley! The tween years can be rough and we should all have been so lucky as to have Nora Lakes on our side at that time.

This one is perhaps less of a romcom and more of a regular contemporary romance than the others in the series, which is totally fine, just worth mentioning that the tone is a little more serious I think. 

Overall a great end to a great series that I’m so sad has come to an end!  

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