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Happy Sunday! Black Rose by Karina Halle released today in KU. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and whew what a wild ride! This is book two in the Dracula Duet, which must be read in order. 

This one is definitely for my dark romance loving friends. This duet has been absolutely bananas and I love that it kept me on my toes. It’s very bloody, very violent, and very sex-filled, sometimes all three at once.  If you’re into that, you might love this! If you have triggers, I’d go into it with extreme caution. 

After the shocking end of Blood Orange, I really wasn’t sure what the heck was going to happen to this destined/cursed couple and I enjoyed all the twists and turns. It’s moody, gothic – borderlining on horror at times-  and packed to the brim with steam. 

Aside from all the sex- and I can’t under emphasize just how much sex there is – there is also transformative love, grief, heartache, and a fair bit of humor, too. To be fully honest, I hated Valtu in this one but Rose loved him and that’s all that matters. Love can overcome a lot and she just kept believing which is great. I love an epic romance, and this one definitely stretched across lives and decades for the couple to find their HEA.  

Just a note – If you haven’t read the Dark Eyes duet and Nightwolf. I think you’d be okay reading this one if you wanted. However, if you have any plans to read those, I would start at the beginning with Black Sunshine because there are definite spoilers in the Dracula duet for the other books.

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