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Happy Tuesday! Bad Mother by Mia Sheridan releases today. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

First thing I need to say- Mia Sheridan has written a lot of romances and romantic thrillers in the past & Montlake had this categorized as romance on NetGalley – it’s not. At least, while there is a romance, it’s a subplot to the thriller plot, not the main event. That’s totally okay,  but was not what I was expecting based on the categorization on NetGalley. 

What it actually is though is a suspenseful thriller, a cat and mouse game from a possible serial killer who enjoys toying with Detective Sienna Walker as she and her partner race to discover what’s going on before more people die. It genuinely kept me guessing who the bad guy was. While I did have some suspicions around certain characters, I had no idea how it was going to play out and certainly couldn’t have guessed how it was going to end. 

Sienna is the new cop in town after getting in some trouble as a NYC detective. She’s sent back home to Reno where she has to readjust to life in the city with a lot of bad memories for her, including those around her ex-fiance Gavin. Gavin broke her heart years before so it’s difficult for her when the clues on the case force her to work side by side with him (this is where the romance comes in). 

Overall a compelling and compulsive read! Just don’t expect it to be a romance

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