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Happy Friday! Heart of Gold by Jenny Bunting released yesterday into KU and I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

And so the end of the Finch Family series has arrived. 

We get Emily’s story, the only Finch daughter and mother to Olive. It’s a second chance romance with Olive’s father, set ten years after they shared a torrid week together. Due to a series of miscommunications they lost touch and when Max re-enters her life, those old sparks kick right back up. The only problem? They’re both seeing other people. Oh, and Max has no idea Olive exists.

Their second chance romance is tender and slow burning as they reconnect a decade after they both inadvertently broke each other’s hearts. I loved watching Max and Olive connect and explore their similarities. Max is a sweet and kind hero, willing to do anything for Emily and Olive. Emily is a strong character who is understandably cautious about what’s happening after a decade apart. 

I loved seeing all the Finch couples existing together and I loved how the epilogue wraps up the series! You can find the complete Finch Family series in Kindle Unlimited.

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