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Georgie, All Along is a heartwarming romance about a woman who returns to her hometown to find herself.

Or, more importantly, not necessarily finding a grand purpose but instead learning to be okay with living in the moment without everything planned out. Georgie has spent her adult life catering to other people’s needs, so when she finds herself suddenly unemployed without a plan she finds herself adrift. Levi has spent his life trying to prove his father wrong and outgrow his troublemaker reputation, living a quiet life so as to not rock the boat and draw attention to himself. 

The two find themselves as unexpected roommates due to a miscommunication and the forced proximity works its magic as it often does. Georgie and Levi seem like opposites at first, she’s all sunshine and bold outgoing energy while Levi is quiet and disgruntled and grumpy, but really they have more in common than they think and balance each other out quite nicely.

Levi and his dog Hank are two of my favorite characters I’ve read in a long time. Though this book is sort of the Georgie show, they were the stars for me. 

It was a warm and cozy read that I know I’ll be thinking about for a long time.  The beginning did start out a bit slow for me but I really loved it by the end! 

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