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One and Only is out today! Thank you to the author for the gifted copy! I bought the couple cover as well, because it’s just so gorgeous and I am forever a sucker for a forehead kiss. 

This is a slowwww burn marriage of convenience sports romance which are some of my favorite things! This is between Greer, whom we’ve met previously in her sibling’s books, and Beckett, a football playing single dad who will do anything for his daughter.  

The romance between the two is a slow burn in the best way, the tension is immaculate. I loved how opposite they are – Greer is bold and outgoing and has no problem sharing her feelings, while Beckett is taciturn and more reserved – and I loved how they complimented each other. I loved the moments where you could feel fake become real. I loved each of their relationships with Beckett’s daughter Olive, and I loved Greer’s relationship with her family. I even loved Beckett’s respectful co-parenting with Olive’s mom. 

I guess you could say I loved it all! It’s the kind of romance that reminds me why I love the genre. It’s heartfelt, a bit emotional at times (I cried, though to be fair I also cheered out loud at one point), full of humor and charm and I was so glad to be back in this world. 

Definitely check this one out in KU if you are looking for a new sports romance to steal your heart!

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