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The Troublemaker by Jessica Peterson is out today in KU! This is book two in her Sex and Bonds series, but I think you could easily read it as a standalone. 

This is a sweet and spicy age gap brother’s best friend romance between Brooks, a 34 year finance whiz, and Greer, his best friend’s virginal 23 year old sister who sells her baked goods at his office. Greer has had a crush on him for quite a while, but Brooks has only started noticing her more recently. Throw in a little forced proximity and BOOM.

Though the book does touch on some heavier topics, the relationship itself is pretty low angst. I loved how the relationship brought out the best in both of them and how encouraging Brooks was for her to take care of herself and ask for what she deserves. 

I know there are going to be two things in any Jessica Peterson book: hot sex and delicious food and this one didn’t disappoint. This was an easy read that I really enjoyed! 

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